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Phoenix East Aviation

Phoenix East Aviation
Phoenix East Aviation

Phoenix East Aviation

Optimal Weather & Lifestyle

Located in Daytona Beach, taking up your pilot course with PEA meant enjoying good weather all year round thus allowing for more flying opportunities and faster completion of training.

100% Accredited

PEA is 1 of 6 nationally accredited flight schools in the US with almost 50 years training experience since 1972. Phoenix East Aviation is approved by the F.A.A. for both Part 141 training and Part 61 training.

High Career Potential

PEA trained 12,000 pilots from all over the world - they are now working for over 150 different global airlines.

Highly Trained Instructors

There are at least 50 flight instructors available to help student pilots excel - all have been trained to the highest FAA standards.

Quality Fleet At Your Disposal

PEA's training fleet consists of 30+ new and late model Cessna C-172SP, Diamond DA-42 and Piper PA-34 aircraft plus a Decathlon 8KCAB for upset recovery safety training. All aircraft are equipped with the latest in navigation equipment, which allows easier transition to larger and jet
aircraft for the student when hired as a professional pilot.

Courses Offered

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