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Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Mechanical)

Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Mechanical)

Mechanical Diploma students learn the skills to maintain jet engines, brake and undercarriage systems, structural components, cabin pressurisation, fuel and pneumatic components, flight controls, hydraulics and much more.

On successful completion of the EASA approved training courses, students receive:

  • an EASA (European) Certificate of Recognition
  • Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

These Certificates are highly regarded by airlines and Maintenance Repair Organisations (MRO’s) all over the world.
After completing the approved course and receiving Certificates, students will need to show an additional two years’ work experience at an approved MRO to qualify for the EASA Licence.

Job Prospects:

  • Graduating students with a further two years’ experience (minimum) can apply for their category licence. They would then be eligible for the following roles:
  • Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME/LAE)– Mechanical B1.1 (Fixed wing gas turbine)
  • Aircraft Mechanic, Maintenance
  • Maintenance Planner

University Pathways:

Successful Diploma graduates have the option of progressing towards a Bachelor Degree. Students may receive up to one-year (eight units) credit towards a three-year degree, allowing for a Bachelor Degree to be completed in just two years.

Twinning option in Malaysia – AU$44,000

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Many options for a University Degree in Australia after the completion of this program.
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