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New Zealand Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering

New Zealand Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the global aeronautical engineering sector with individuals who have attained sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and are working towards gaining the operational experience in organisations employing Part 145 processes, as required by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Rule Part 66 to achieve employment as licenced aviation maintenance engineers. In order to gain an EASA aviation maintenance licence, graduates will be required to complete two years practical maintenance experience on operating aircraft as defined in EASA Rule Part 66.

The qualification is primarily designed to meet the global training and education needs of both international and domestic trainees and is suited for people either already employed in the industry as current Aeronautical Engineers who may wish to train towards gaining an EASA licence, or people aspiring to become Aeronautical Engineers. Graduates will have complete self-management of learning and performance within the defined contexts of the applicable Aviation Authority rules.

Air New Zealand Aviation Institute

New Zealand
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Superb training facilities.
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A very good exposure in a world class airline. With a very low number of students in each intake, you stand a good chance to be hired in NZ.
Air New Zealand Aviation Institute
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