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Basic Maintenance Experience (OJT)

On Job Training
On Job Training

Upon completion of the Approved Basic Training Cat B1.1, B2, A or a Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, the next step is to gain the experience needed to become a licensed aircraft engineer. Employment is the best way to go, but this might take time, and some might end up in a non-Part 145 MRO. To assist you in achieving your goal faster and efficiently, we have another pathway to equip yourself with the right experience.

Basic Maintenance Experience (as some prefer to call it OJT) is a duration-based program where you can choose either, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or etc. depending on your training needs. This is purely a hands-on program where you will be based in a Part 145 MRO assisting real engineers and technicians on real aircraft. All completed tasks can be an entry in your logbook and will be signed by aLicensed Personnel or PIC (Person-in-charge).

This program is suitable for trainees from the following categories:

  1. Part-66/147 graduates where only 2 years of Basic Maintenance Experience is needed
  2. Trainees who have completed a relevant Diploma where 3 years of Basic Maintenance Experience is needed
  3. Trainees who have completed other qualifications and Part-66 exams, and would like to gain some experience in a real-world industry to increase your chances of employment (we can arrange for durations anywhere between 3 to 12 months)


We do placements in Part 145 MRO in Malaysia to gain your Basic Maintenance Experience for a specified duration. This is the best avenue to gain your experience in all the relevant ATA (Air Transport Association) Chapters e.g., ATA 32 Landing Gear, ATA 35 Oxygen etc. These entries on your logbook are necessary in order to apply for your Part-66 Basic License provided you have completed all the Part-66 exams. Remember,

Knowledge (exams & training) + Experience (basic maintenance experience) = License

On Job Training

Apart from this, we also conduct classroom trainings and EASA Type Courses for Cat B1.1 and B2 in Malaysia. Type courses available are:

  1. ATR 72 – 2121A (P&W Canada PW120)
  2. B737-600 (CFMI CFM56)
  3. B777-200 (RB211 Trent 800)
  4. A318/319/320/321 (CFMI CFM56)
  5. A319/320/321 (IAE V2500)
  6. A330 (PW4000)
  7. A330 (RB211 Trent 700)
  8. A330 (CF6)
  9. A350 (Trent XWB)


Please contact us for more information on the program, visa requirements for international trainees and other relevant arrangements. We also cater training needs for colleges, training organizations and Part 147 ATOs. Please contact us directly to discuss further details.

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