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Client Testimonials

Aircraft Engineering

Having IGHE around was great! The whole process from Malaysia to Australia has been handled smoothly by IGHE. It was good that IGHE has been of help to me to settle down here easily. Thanks IGHE for helping me throughout the process of getting the Offer Letter, the eCoE, fee transfering, Visa application, accommodation arrangement and last but not least organized airport pick-up, which was really helpful and fun!

CHUA Gavan Aviation Australia, EASA Part 147 + Dual Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer-Mechanical & Avionics
Aircraft Engineering

Mr Mugu has been very helpful from the time of my enquiries to participate in EASA Part 147 approved basic training program at TAECO, Xiamen till we graduate guiding us the right path to become a license aircraft maintenance engineer. He has been very consistent in answering all the questions and providing my parents with sufficient information and gaining their trust to let me pursue my career. Nevertheless, I am really glad that I have met Mr Mugu and followed his advice throughout my journey.

Deswin Lim Kim Son TAECO Training Centre, EASA Part 147 B1.1
Aircraft Engineering

My son was heading to do his Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course in Brisbane with Aviation Australia. IGHE has provided us with excellent services, advice and preparation for him to complete all the necessary documentation and processes even until the day when he leaves for Australia. As parents, we felt that this was important since we need the assurance and IGHE has delivered that successfully.

Mr.Ronald CHUA Gavan's Father, Malaysia
Aircraft Engineering

When I had no idea on how to further my studies in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering despite having many years of experience in ST Aerospace, I had come to know of IGHE Consultancy. They were really good in giving me proper counselling and also in processing my admission and visa. I’m really glad that I met them when I really needed someone to assist me. The whole process made to look very easy and simple with IGHE.

Balakrishnan Shashitharan Aviation Australia, EASA Part 147 + Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer-Mechanical
Aircraft Engineering

Quick respond, detailed information and friendliness are the reasons why I like to work with IGHE Consultancy (Mugu). They have been superb in helping me to choose which aviation school to do my license. The whole experience has been great and I am very satisfied to be enrolled in ANZAI now.

Tengku Puteri Zulaikha Air New Zealand Aviation Institute, EASA Part 147 B2
Aircraft Engineering

Being the ONLY consultant in Malaysia approved by Air New Zealand Aviation Institute Mugu has been very professional at his job. He provides timely feedback, easy to approach and furnish me with heaps of valuable information regarding the Part147 Approved Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License Course. He also advised me on the best route and options I should take to become a licensed aircraft engineer. Because of his guidance throughout the enrollment process, I am now a student at ANZAI.

Victor Liow Air New Zealand Aviation Institute, EASA Part 147 B1.1
Pilot Training

I have always dreamt of being a Commercial Pilot, but I was having a very difficult time finding the right aviation school for me until I met Mr.Mugu. He has been very professional, and I am really amazed by his work - very helpful and quick response. Never failed to answer all my questions, I took every piece of advice from him, and I must say it is really worth it! And now I am studying as a pilot in IAANZ.

Sean Aaron Vitales International Aviation Academy of New Zealand (IAANZ), Commercial Pilot License